Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at the first appointment?

We take an in-depth history about the presenting difficulties to determine if other factors may be influencing the problem. An assessment is then conducted using tests and/or observation. At the end of your first visit, the Speech Pathologist will be able to give you guidance and information about the problem and/or recommend any therapy necessary.


What does therapy involve?

Therapy activities are used to remediate diagnosed weaknesses in communication, literacy and/or swallowing. The activities used depend on the client’s age  e.g. An adult may work on exercises and recorded monitoring sessions whereas a child may be seen in a play based situation. Follow-up activities or exercises are usually given.


Can I bring other family members to the appointment?

We are a family and community based practice and as such welcome other family members to appointments  e.g. wife, grandfather, siblings. However there may be specific sessions such as during assessments when it would be preferable to have a quiet environment to gain the best results.


Do you do home, school or community visits?

Yes, we are able to provide visits. These are arranged on a needs basis. We provide a number of regular outreach services to specific schools within our region. Home and community visits may be needed if the client has mobility difficulties or if the Speech Pathologist wishes to assess swallowing/feeding in the client’s own environment.