Ipswich Speech Pathology Clinic is dedicated to providing support to both individuals and their families to best meet their needs.  We therefore provide the following services:

Individual Assessments

Initial appointments with the child or adult are to assess and diagnose difficulties and to determine goals for intervention. This includes feedback on assessment results and a written report.

Intervention/Treatment Sessions

The length and type of therapy sessions is dependent on the needs of the client.  Sessions are usually 30-minutes in length.

Group Sessions

Group sessions are arranged based on need.

Meetings and Consultations

On request depending on availability.

Outreach Services

Individual assessment and treatment sessions at educational settings, nursing homes, hospitals and home visits are available on request depending on availability.

Other Services

The following services are available on request to the community.

  • Screening of speech, language and phonological awareness skills for children aged 3-12 years
  • Contracted services for a speech pathologist to provide assessment and intervention in educational settings
  • Professional Development/In-service on communication development, difficulties and strategies; suitable for educational institutions, nursing homes and community groups.


A number of rebate and government initiatives are available to families to access funding for speech pathology services.

Private Health Insurance

We are registered with all major health funds.  If you have private health cover, please contact your health fund to discuss rebates.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Ipswich Speech Pathology Clinic is registered to provide supports for NDIS participants, including services for children (early intervention), adolescents and adults. For more information on NDIS, please see

Enhanced Primary Care / Chronic Disease Management Program

Individuals who meet criteria may be eligible for a Medicare rebate for up to 5 sessions under this plan.  This is for people with chronic and complex care needs as determined by their General Practitioner.  Please contact your GP prior to arranging speech therapy appointments to determine if you are eligible. Bulk-billing options, as well as rebated options, are available for appointments under this program.

Adult Services

We provide services to NDIS clients, Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA) clients, WorkCover and Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service (CRS) clients.


Our clinic offers additional allied health services to the Ipswich community:


We also support our allied health partners at My FootDr/ Mater Health Centre, Brookwater/Springfield.